Mega'lo Mania "The Finest / Moonsign / Antasy"

Mega'lo Mania "Emotion / Circulation / Ully"

Mega'lo Mania "Close Your Eyes"

Mega'lo Mania "Circusclown / Tear It Up"

Revil O "Witness"

Revil O "Fly Away"

Timo Maas "The Final XS"

Secret Base "Warpmission / Obscurity / The Savage"

DJ Rodd-Y-Ler "Lifesigns / Prototype / Controlling"

Ravelab "Seeing Is Believing"

Ravelab "Send Me An Angel / I Can't Stop"

Ravelab feat. Kai Hawaii "Push"

Plug'n'Play "Parade 2000/Warp 99"

Lightforce "Join Me"

Nu Love "Can You Feel The Love Tonight"

Bellini "Samba De Janeiro"

So Phat! "A Love Bizarre"

Inaya Day "Nasty Girl"

Mousse T "Is It Coz I'm Cool?"

Mousse T feat. Roachford "Pop Muzak"

James Kakande "You You You"

Cinema Bizzare "Erase And Replace"

Baschi "Auf Grosser Fahrt"

Paul van Dyk feat. Michelle Leonard "Love Ammunition"

Terry Hoax "The best is yet to come"

HAWK! vs Point Blank "Identity"


Christopher Blake feat. Jenny Karr "White Nights"

Sydney Eggleston "Hit that drum"

H2WK! "Fireworks"

Michael Patrick Kelly "Shake Away"

Michael Patrick Kelly "Renegade"

Michael Patrick Kelly "Beautiful Soul"

Michael Patrick Kelly "I have called you"

Zucchero "La tortura della luna"

Rachel O'Connor "I need to know"

Claudia Kane "Legacy"

Kraftklub "Dein Lied"

Michael Patrick Kelly "Higher Love"

Terry Hoax "Shining"